Golden Diamond 9 (G9)

Golden Diamond 9 (G9) is the only token rewarding in USDT with a unique auto-claim feature, giving you peace of mind you're NEVER going to miss a pay-out.

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Love to get rewards USDT !
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We proudly welcome you all to be part of our mission!


Make Money with G9

We are in this together and once the project becomes a global success, we also want you to receive dividends of all the proceeds we will receive in the future. Here is how:

Power Of 9

9 is a noble number. The so-called emperor is also known as the “9-5 Sovereign”(The Royal Prerogative). 9 is the maximum of every cycle, 9 is the sky, on top of everything on earth. Therefore, the number 9, it already represent power when it appear.


We are burning 10% of the total supply so that your coins are worth more as time passes and incentivize the community to hold. After the first burn, surprise daily manual burns will occur during the first week of the project in addition to other ones programed as the project moves ahead.

  • 10%
  • 16.2%
  • 20%
    Public Sale
  • 18.1%
    Liquidity Pool
  • 2%
    Golden Diamond 9 (Locked For 6 Months)
  • 1%
  • 10.8%
    Influencer Campaigns
  • 1%
    Air Drop
  • 5.9%
    Merchant Enquiry
  • 3%
    Lucky Draw
  • 9%
  • 3%
    Team Token


Buy & Sell Tax 12%

Reward Token Holder





How to Buy $G9

Step 1 : Go to PancakeSwap and connect your MetaMask Wallet or Trust wallet to binance smartchain network.

MetaMask is available on iOS app store and Android playstore

Step 2 : Go to Exchange and paste G9 contract address.

Your balance should be displayed once you are properly connected, else, you'll need to check to be sure you are properly connected to bsc network

Step 3 : Type the amount of $BNB you want to spend and click on buy.

Once done, you will see a pop up notification on Trust wallet or Metamask to approve transaction. Click on confirm or approve. Congrats

Our Team

We are a group of professionals start from a marketing and sales industry over 10 years. In recent two years few of our member start participate in blockchain circle, and we are realise that the technology and concept of blockchain is the future trend, so we start to explore and get to know more peoples in this trend.

And we have a chance fully utilise our knowledge to help out one of the finance token to pump their token from 2x to 500x within 43 days. This give us the confident and idea to start our very own Golden Diamond 9, we believe we able to make our token to be more successful than others.

The roadmap

We are a fast adapting team that is ready to adjust our strategy depending on the circumstances. Below is our plan that is ready to be executed and we are working arduously to make sure nothing changes in this plan

  • Q3 2021
    • Conceptualisation of Project
    • Market Research
    • Formation Development team
    • Build up community and activities
  • Q4 2021 Project Development
    • Website creation
    • Social Media creation
    • Formation marketing team
    • Branding
    • Early investors join in
    • UAT
    • Contract Audit
    • Pre-Sale
    • Add liquidity PancakeSwap
    • Celebrity promotions
    • Partner merchant onboarding
    • 60000 Holders
  • Q1 2022
    • Major CEX listings
    • 80000 Holders
    • Air Drop
    • Reward program
    • Lucky draw
    • Charity
  • Q2 2022
    • 100000 holders
    • Expansion over 10 countryies with retail merchants
    • Global partnership announcement

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